Day Diaries

With the growing expectation to record the care given in more detail, such that you can prove the needs of each service user are being met, it is still important that carers spend most of their time caring and less time completing paper work.

This can be achieved with our automated care software which generates day entries for planned care and then provides a simple bush button interface to record the care given, create shift notes, report accident/incidents.

Automated Planned Care

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The care planned to meet the needs of the service user is automatically eneterd into their day diary to ensure that the planned care is given. Carers can clearly see what care is required, service user preferences and any additional care required. Create shift notes and accident/incident reports at the press of a button.

Record Unplanned Care

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Not every event can be planned for and the people you care for can have good and bad days so information in addition to that planned can be easily added. Fluids can be entered and the total amount for the day automatically calculated. Events can be easily re-planned at the push of a button and all appointments for the setting are clearly shown on the care home page.

Comprehensive Accident/Incident Reporting

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Clearly see the accidents/incidents for each service user including the type and outcome, if an investiation has been completed and the correct authorties notified. Safeguarding and CQC notifications are integrated with the accident/incident reporting such that all documents, investigations and outcomes can be recorded.

Clear Shift/Handover Reporting

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Shift or handover notes can be clearly seen and accessed from the care home page and can be easily created from either a day diary entry or from shift notes.

Hospital Admissions

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Be alerted when a service users care needs to be reviewed. The review identifies all the notifications that have occurred since last review so that a clear picture of the service users current needs can be assessed.